Publish or Perish

lately i am in double minds about an issue. which i bring forth . let me have your opinions on this.

Issue of privacy on social network is major concern for people all through out the planet, still the lucrative idea of being connected to ur likes and ur old friends ,sometimes turns the tide against the privacy issue. also the plethora of social networking sites and micro blogging sites with their add ons ufff. whatever u do ur data is never safe on Internet.besides we have no idea  what these social networking sites are doing with whatever data we put on the net. But you are never safe anyway anywhere, that does not mean we stop living our life. The fun of being connected to your own likes, friends relatives has all together different satisfaction.
Somehow the movie "the social network" has brought forward another face of the youngest billionaire of the world. A number of violations all around the world, Facebook faces legal actions  in most of the countries. Have a look at this wiki report  His credentials are at stake. And after all this coming up with another idea to have more of peoples information with so called email is astonishing.
Another issue being, how u know the tweeples following you like your post or is it just putting you into bad light and "Just Ignore" category. Having said that, how much of tweets or posts or buzz can be absorbed by your follower or whatever. I myself have blocked people/ sites just because i used to get 100s of odd posts from them. Now when i post it on twitter  the tweets are connected to Facebook Profile , so u get those tweets on fb too, but people i have on my twitter profile and facebook profile are entirely different sets of people. and when i don't care what i post on twitter i do care for some of my tweets on fb. that brings me to the core of issue, should i be going on with what i am doing with an "I don't care " attitude or should i be considerate for my fellas on fb  who might not be liking so many of my tweets overcrowding their already cluttered Home page.I am always in double mind about this. Once I thought  of being considerate and de-linked both the accounts, but then you are not reaching out to your own gang who are just oblivious on twitter. And if you connect then you face the ire of ur own friend  "bhai koi kaam nahi hai hai kya office mae, din bhar tumhare tweet aate rehte hain facebook pe"  (are you so freeeeeee? entire day i see your tweets on my facebook page).
So, You have a choice weather to reach out to ur gang with all sorts of thing or just shut up......
What you do in this case???

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