Few last days...

The last few days here in LIBA...few days earlier i was feeling different from what I'm feeling now...yeah you  guessed it right ... finally i made it to the pantheon of selected ones... it was good i had not counted the number of interviews i had to face to finally reach to my destination.. other who counted had fairly a large number ... no different then me i guess ;)  anyway as my friends say u are now second generation BOB.. yup  m  gen next in Bank of baroda... finally my desire to be part of banking industry is fulfilled. I feel like  BOB was preparing me all through out my education career to finally take me into her folds, nice idea... earlier feeling of "what to do next? " is finally replaced by excitement to get back home as soon as possible. And the examination schedule has given me ample time to enjoy my last few days here in liba without much of tension and hassle to get back to books.  Anyway m in fun mood now...
One lesson fro this entire episode... " U get what u want... simply have patience and put some real work..."

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