Spirit Of Vegas... Reflection of Chrysalis

Las Vegas is one of the densely populated area of America. It's fun to know that Vegas has been born out of a desert, Mojave  and had been centre of attraction for millions of visitors the major attraction being its gaming and resort industry. Besides it attracts visitors for the scenic beauty all around Vegas.   We bring you the same thrill and fun at Chrysalis 09 edition at LIBA. Be a part of Vegas culture  in our very own Chennai. 
You need never worry about the fun part for we have enough of games you can imagine in vegas. We have casinos in form of "ace of spades" , "texas hold 'em poker" and very own "The Nevada supplier association" shall see to it that you don't run out of chips; Enjoy the thrill of speed management with "The pit Boss" and enjoy the rush of blood in "Role plays".As you sit through the negotiation table,just remember "make an offer, that the other party don't refuse". Yeah… on lighter note …you got to be the godfather. And if you ever desired to rule the future, here is your game just be on "wheel of fortune".
So fellas see you at Vegas night on 28th march 09 at Chrysalis in LIBA chennai. 

For details visit http://www.libachrysalis.com/ and do read our blog at Chrysalis'09

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