"Paap aur Punya"

    Finally the event was over. CG 09, we ,the CG team, Kept the tradition of CG intact. With everything going smoothly and wonderful speakers putting forth their views, it was a great time both working pre and post event. 
    The valedictory session was chaired by Former vigilance commissioner Mr N Vittal. And during his valedictory speech he mentioned that when paap (devil) and punya (Godly) meet there happens an explosion. And this is very true with satyam (meaning truth) . People would never know what was the plan going on inside Raju's brain, but he happened to proove the point that Mr Vittal emphasized. Satyam and the Maytas (reverse of satyam) came together and the result is all history...An explosion of the kind which shook not even Satyam alone but has painted a shady picture of entire Indian IT industry for the world. And even engulfed the prominent Accounting firm and others. And while emphasizing on the need for thinking ahead of time, he said... Thieves are extraordinary and the police just a critic. They tend to think two steps ahead of what their counterpart do. And the loopholes in the legal system is what they take advantage of.  More and more harsh act simply add to more paper works instead of any tangible remedy.  We need to rethink, what measures should the regulatory body take so that we can stop any reccurence of future satyam. 


  1. Wo!!i did not notice that maytas when spelled other way goes fro satyam..
    Here I appreciate the (negative)skills of raju for being so tactful

  2. After a series of scandals...American govt passed an act called Sarbanes-Oxley Act (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sarbanes-Oxley_Act)on July 30, 2002. But this seems ineffective on ground.