"It waslike...., not knowing...."

"It was like riding a tiger, not knowing how to get off without being eaten"
  With these words, ramalinga raju enters into a totally different world. offcourse to the world of top ten corporate frauds done ever in history of business and stands along with the stalwarts (pun intended) of Enrons and Worldcoms... Besides Mr raju also enters into the books of lexicomaniacs. Going by the sentence mr raju uttered... it reminds me of several things i have done on these lines... like writing this blog. I can's leave it and neither i get to write it.... So while pondering i found that in hindi there exists a similar proverb, which means that if a snake swallows a chhuchhundar (hindi), it then can neither swallow it nor leave it... in either case snake would die.  So infer that he must have been inspired from that...
   Inspiring from the quote by Mr raju, i alsoo tried writing sth sort of... here it goes...
 " It was like taking finance and not knowing where to work, NOW !!"
Hey guys just drop in with ur funny ideas on the same lines...

P.S.     just to tell you that i searched a long and asked my friends  about what u call "chhuchhundar" in english... finally got it... it is mole. For your information.

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  1. I nvr knw u cud write so well...Bravo buddy!!