Lakshay - I

Let me start this post with a request. Don't ask me why I titled this page as Lakshay and tha too part I , as to I would write another part ending it at trilogy as is the norms in Hollywood. I dont have answer to this query. May be you can figure it out youself ...
Its almost three months here at liba. 1st trimester is about to over in a few days. But i don't know what made me to do a course in MBA. People reading this would hardly be surprised about this notion of mine. 'What this guy is to do in future?' That's a question, answer to which is still hazy to me. A distant dream to start my own company someday, may be. But when someone asks me.... 'So u plan to start a company, which kind of comapny you have in mind?'-- I stand clueless... This, infact reminds me of the first half of the movie 'Lakshay' when the actor has no purpose ... he meanders, he enjoys, has no tension, thinks that he's right and all others wrong. And for the sake of doing something he wants to do MBA in some foreign Insti or to join Army . He is unclear, or to quote the actress ' the word is lakshay- you dont have lakshay in life'. When I see this movie ( which I've done countless number of times) I feel attahed to this guy. May be I felt the same sometime.
When my frnds enquire me as to where am I. They present a uncanny face on hearing the name LIBA. Being a seemingly intelligent (pun intended) student they expected, I may join some IIM, hardluck !!! (thats what many of us who couldn't make it to IIMs feel). No matter I am happy with what i got. I have heard it several times, you ought to be happy with what you get untill and unless you get what you wanted. So i felt fist option is okie with me. But this doesn't make me loser.... does it... some would say Yes and some No.

The actor did find his Lakshay, but m still in search of it....


  1. The climax is stiil not over....

  2. I would first congratulate you for knowing that you need to know something--"LAKSHYA". 80% of the people die without even knowing that they are not knowing something. And this I feel is the first and most important step of success.