"10 vs 2" - my first attempt...

      Now this was for the very first time I started writing straight from the title... usually i do write title in the end. Guys I need  a Bravo for this... "bravo... bravo..."..... "Thank you...  I feel like ..O god  ... can't xplain it to you"    :)

To begin with... when we see ... 10 vs 2 ... obviously number of things come to mind... as if 2 players pitted against 10...etc  

Disclaimer: This is entirely a fiction. any resemblence with person living or dead is purely coincidence.
(all names used are fictional)
     But yesterday, when one of my freind while talking straight from his heart (It was just a sideaffect of the TO PASS-REQ MARKs...)came out with this comparison, it had a totally diferent meaning.  And it was more weird when he said it's not much about number but units attached it has grave consequence... Then he said   "It's 10 years Vs 2 months"  .  How weird !!!
   Any way...moving on.... Generally  in our chilhood,bedtime stories used to be granny's fairy tales... Now who says we have grown up... we still listen to fairy tales... but this time granny has been replaced by friends...  . Okie... AK continued with his story...which goes very long ... i'll cut it short for you... but starting has to be classic na... So here it goes...
   "Once upon a time... far away from the miseries of the world... there lived a guy Rahul. Rahul was happy with whatever he had.. he was living a dream life.He had a caring and loving girlfriend, Ratika. It was only two moths they had met and She had become his life. They were just happy being with each other. there was nothing called secrets among them. One day Rahul thinks of making it official relationship...He calls ratika " hey riti meet me at 4:30 at park".... And the story begins...
    As usual they met in a park... shared their daily chores "kya kiya aaj tumne, kya khaya... kya piya...medicine liya ya nahi ( now this is boring part , i was thinking... ye bhi koi sawal hai,aur kuch aur nahi puchh sakta tha... tu propose karne gaya hai ya dadi amma banne...anyway let's see what happened further...) " Ratika was smiling when he said "I love you ratika and i want to marry you". She knew ... one day they would reach this stage when they had to decide about their lives.  She said Okie give me some time I'll ask my dad.
    Four days passed no news yet ... rahul was restless, he called her daily without fail but someway or the other he could not talk to her. then rahul approached ratika's best friend Arshi. They had a long conversation... but no result he was still not able to get info about her. Arshi could see restlessness in rahul and she says" rahul why dont we meet tommorow, I'll have your answer by then".
     Next day  Rahul reached park one hour earlier.  "There she comes in red .... wait who is she... Arshi told to meet me here... O god this is ratika.. i should have guessed it, 'red' is her favourite color". Ratika comes she sits on the side bench. Rahul was silent... was he? He had lot to say but he felt his mouth shut as if it had been sealed...He could see, her face was dried, he could hear the sadness in her voice but what was she saying... He tried to listen carefully ... "I talked to dad... he said...  this cant be done...And rahul I could not say anything... I know i love you too but My dad is my life and I can't live without him....sorry!!!"  Rahul was like he had just been cut alive into pieces. She continues " Rahul there is one more thing that i want you to know... I had a crush on a guy. It was long time back. He loved me, cared for me and even proposed me once... I had started to like him... but he didn't have good image in my dad's eyes...We studied together in school and college. And he lived next to our apartment. We dated for almost 10 years. but then all came to an end when he called on dad asking permission to marry me.
    Rahul was lost. He could see the good blue sky whirling round him, birds flying high in a slow motion, cool pleasent breeze carrying the leaves as if playing with them...how beautiful !!! .He didn't know how to respond. Whom to pity, to myself, or to that guy( who is happily married and now runs his own business) or to this girl ( who does not know what she is doing to herself... living life  half dead... smiling but crying  inside as to make up with every smile).... 
    Ratika said "rahul i know whats going on with you but then it's same here... i didn't know it would end like this... anyway we can be friends always..."   rahul... rahul..raaahulll. are you okiiieee.....yeahhh I'm fine.fine... okie... yeah we can be friends... can i still talk to you on phone?   yeah sure !... thankyou... Chalo bbye have to go.. mummy would be waiting... bbye...
      Rahul sat indifferently on the field. He could not think of anything except  why she said this story today.. When she didn't tell me yet ...she could have never told me... then why? ... He didn't realize he had got , what she wanted to tell... It was 10 years Vs 2 months... No comparison at all... he was happy as if enlightened under the tree Like Budhha... He strolled back his hostel... thinking " no comparison... 2 months is toooooo a small period compared to 10 long years..."


  1. Arrey Rajiv Bahi......
    Fictional it may be.... But it brings back memories and it also reminded me of this shayri

    "Kyon woh dete hain dard bus humi ko,
    Woh kya samjhenge in aankhon ki nami ko,
    lakhon deewane ho jis chand ke,
    woh kya mehsoos karenge ek taare ki kami ko"

    He has to accept what has happened and move on. But first he would have gone through the stage the shayri talks about :-)

    Keep blogging

  2. hey sayuj...
    too pertinent to the story line...
    cheers dude...

  3. hi...really moving story..y at all ppl love??wen dey cannot stand by dere own decision..??

  4. hey rats
    This is what happens to all the time to all people... i dont know why it happens, but i believe there will be very few ppl who are lucky to have their love as their partner. May be there could be some reason for the denial which our mind knows and accepts but the heart does not agree to that. But again u don't love it just happens... doesn't it...