Here goes one more... Telangana

Telangana 29th state
Rayalseema 30th
Bundelkhand 31st
Harit Pradesh 32nd
Vidarbha 33rd
Poorvanchal 34th...

How many states, darn it you want man!... isn't it enough?????
No idea, why it was a sad reaction when i came to know about the separation nod announced by P. Chidambaram. I  could see many of my colleagues from AP disappointed, now some of them belong to AP some from telangana and probably in a few days some from rayalseema.
 I have heard of all this outcry many a times. being from Bihar, i remember what the hell happened over Jharkhand and Bihar issue. feel this all sh*t happens due to these B*ll Sh*t , bloody Politicians. Apparently they can sell anybody just for money and all in the name of public interest.  Any way that's a separate issue.

  • "Andhra Pradesh should not be divided but if you are dividing it, form Greater Rayalaseema alongside Telangana and make coastal Andhra a separate state,"
  • 93 legislators and many MPs, cutting across party lines, resigned to protest the central government's decision
  • The move found backing from other parties, including from the principal opposition, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). [ No surprise, in fact it was in their rule when Jharkhand, chattisgarh and uttarakhand were created]
  • "Telangana is a region that lies on the Deccan Plateau to the west of the Eastern Ghats range, and includes the northwestern interior districts of Warangal, Adilabad, Khammam, Mahbubnagar, Nalgonda, Rangareddi, Karimnagar, Nizamabad, Medak, and Andhra Pradesh capital, Hyderabad. The Krishna and Godavari rivers flow through the region from west to east.The quest for a separate Telangana state has been on since 1956, and was intensified after 1969." -Topnews.in
AP-Telangana-Rayalseema (seems possible, if few MPs sit for another hunger strike). Also there will be definite rise in hunger strikes and similar kind of Pseudo- gandhi Stuffs from Bundelkhand, gorkhaland, harit pradesh and many more. And 'No surprises' if in near future, demand for separate Nation arise. Hyderabad remains in doldrums. Some leaders from parties have proposed to declare Hyderabad a Union Territory. Darn it man! Are you people out of your mind...

PS: On the flip side read about Telangana here at Wiki Link and stats here
       Source for the image :Top News Dot in and TOI  & definitely google
         Entire thing is highly opinionated, may be an outburst
            any difference of opinion is welcome


  1. may be next time, an influencial figure will ask his house to be made a separate UT and him as the Governer..

  2. Totally agree on ur views dude..
    Btw, two reasons that i feel are prescriptions for desaster (creation of new states):
    1) Non-uniform development in the state. Vidharbha, Jharkhand, Rayalseema, Chattisgarh are prime examples of lop-sided development in the parent state (Gujrat is a model state in this regard- the whole state is equally developed).
    2) Existance of regional parties. This is made worse when one party is stronger in one part of the state and another party is stronger in another.

  3. reg ur first point, in case of jharakhand there were sure cases of development across boundaries but think it was never the case that taxes from JHR were used for development of Bihar, now when u see after separation, many developmental works are undergoing.
    secondly definitely the emergence of regional parties and there hunger for power has led to all these disaster
    thirdly if u see today news... mayawati has written to PM to tri-furcate UP and pave way for harit pradesh (since Ajit singh is in support of this govt) and bundelkhand


  4. good point raised.
    thanks for bringing to our attention.
    mujhe pata bhi nahi tha ki ye itna aage badh gaya hai issue, this Government really banks on appeasement of people as its primary policy.

    its unfortuante

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