Bloggers Boom Part 1

This post i rate high on randomness coz i have no idea what i am going to write... though going by what every one of my friend is writing about on their blogs (with exceptions of very few) shows how stressed up people are. definitely this is trying times for all .... errrrr think m also going that way. STOP. i don't want to write what everyone else is writing.
Also i see a trend amongst my fellow bloggers and i have an idea as to why all of a sudden every tom dick and harry have plunged to become a blogger.I would like to share my thought with you. Since i say these are trying times and my fellows want to make a difference or they want to tap niche market as i think my marketing friends would say. But the problem here is that every one think he is writing uniquely and thus every one ends up writing same stuff in different structure of sentence.when i say this i definitely want to make exception for few bloggers who are writing differently.So, each of the bloggers want to attract attention , but  question is, whose attention they want to grab? Very specifically they have a target audience in their mind and they are not the Mango ppl but the recruiters coming for them. Fair enough For this reason i have seen a number of blogs coming up lately, serving specific area of specialization viz marketing hr and so on.Some people have gone to the extent of choosing a niche topic of the core subjects and dedicating a blog on this.
 ( I ) Like this.Any way this might be helpful to the readers get a perspective of the subject which they haven't gone thru. Amidst all this, few people have gone to the extent of writing multiple blogs each dedicated to their different areas of interest. writing about poem, bible and all others... Quiet interesting ! I had been listening to stories from bible from few of my friends and my curiosity of knowing more on this topic (but lazy enff to browse thru bible which i borrowed from my friend) led me to be a regular follower of the blog. see these blogs for details god and bible , Rural India and equally interesting is the blog coming straight from heart which says Speak your heart .
And again there are people who have discovered their paparazzi talent lately and have come up with blogs with all 'chatpati'  news from the college and around. That's interesting ( by this i recall one blog becoming very popular during the last ipl season . it was by some anonymous member who was omnipresent and had all insider information. well i c the last post is on June 15th'09 but he has given crazy ideas to people in our batch. for details see these blogs fake ipl player and our very one pandora's box.)  Though this blog has led to serious accusations from girls that " we know u boys are more gossip monger than the girls" , counter the general viewpoint. However i found it interesting to mention another blog when i when thru one of the post in this blog Anonymous blogger which is more interesting , simply because it's about  three girls and their life in a GIRLS hostel... ha ha ha quite interesting na... ! i found it too. but again this blog has varied range from poems to a girl's quiet life - that's another interesting part. do enjoy this blog. And definitely that one post which i mentioned in beginning refutes the claim by girls that boys are more gossip monger than the girls.
Then there are people whom i thought were kind master in finance but i never thought they could be equally good in matters of marketing. may be they have another opportunity to become critic no  not film critic but ad critic.Every one of us who know him admired his post regarding the posts he wrote in last few days. nevertheless read his posts on finance, which helped many of us to understand some concept better. (for details read chris's call).
 well i  want to write more on this ... (i am finding it interesting write about what other are posting .. he he he)  but got to go... Certainly i have few more very interesting Blogs to write about... i'll do that in next post

PS: coming up  posts :  
1. 'Bloggers boom part 2'    (lots of interesting blogs in line up, where the posts have made up to Number 1/2 in goggle search... )
2. "what happened last night" (another interesting night,where conversations were loaded with arguments and arguments were loaded with life ; and there was One man against all ....)

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  1. I wonder as to whom are you telling marketing man as your post os also marketing other blogs

  2. hmm...interesting post...n a word of gratitude for marketing mine ;)...will be waiting for more stuff from u :)