good bye 2008

  The year 2008 passed by... even i think of any date in particular it seems so far ... yet so near. some beautiful days beyond imagination... some sorrows deep as abyss... by and large a year of mixed feelings.  I dont remember but i read it somewhere where the book starts with the sentence " life is difficult", and once u accept this fact it becomes so easy... easy that what u went through is just a small phase in a difficult world-the real world. The world we live in, is just not the world we use to hear in fairy tales from dadi;  it's a real tough world. You need to stay strong, otherwise people might crush u and move on as if nothing has happened. And no surprises, the world is full of these kinds of people. Hardly i had seen this face of life... but what ever I've been through it wasn't good.
  It isn't a story of a single man but every one on this real world. They have to compromise with so many things so many times, only to 'live'... ' life goes on". And u don't even know, when u overcome these feelings of joy and sorrow. 
 This year had been eventful to me.  I achieved sth which i desired( atleast the second best)... lost something which i loved (i am not sure now).  But the year has left me with some beautiful and haunting memories.  And if people count their years with the number of friends they have...then  this year was a successful year to me... i came in contact with so many people and some of them have become- my friends for ever.  I came to see different facets of people, the oppurtunistic relations, the true friendships,  and how it all changes with time.  even met some friends who backed me at my worst times ... so on. 
 Saw some crisis which only fortunate(rather unfortunate) people live to see and tell the tale. Fortunately in this period i am engaged in studies and not drawn in this weird market. This year shall remain in my memory for the giant fall of sensex from 22ooo to some weird figure of 8000, for the crash of some biggies of finacial world lay man brothers ,  the magic of 8 ( it being 10th warmest year). year saw the first non white to rise to the whitehouse and some of the weirdest attack on indian soil. 
 Despite all this people continue to hope for a better tomorrow. Hope is all what people got now. It feeds them to do things, which perhaps makes extra ordinary people differentite from the  ordinary ones. 
 so dream and try to realise dream ... that's what i gonna do... let's hope, all others fall in line to realise dream of each one of us...
 have a wonderful (sarcastically) year ahead !

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